I am a Hair Extension designer who loves to study and create hair trends, new hair styles, colors, and have a part in all the production aspects of raw virgin hair.

I contribute to the creation, production, coloring, making wefts and all different attachment methods with tons, of virgin hair for more than 30 years. It is to my belief that the development of the original hair did not come to me by accidental chance, but experience, my theory is to maintain the natural state in hair evolution

The perfect process from raw virgin hair to to final production takes many years of experience.

Some Extensionists do their own research while others depend on different grades of quality published by hair industry trade groups. They let them belief what is the best, but the result always ends up in a disaster for the client, because the hair has to be tested by the person that sells it to her client.

There is always sample testing up for “sale” usually at very high prices.  Because the hair Industry has grown so fast, to them it was just making another buck. Its mostly mixed hair with remnants and cuticles not intact.  Good hair extensions are not a story to be told, you cannot hide bad hair, people see good quality hair, they admire it and they also want it.  This is the stability of my business

I take part in just about every aspect of bringing the best quality hair to the public. Creating the perfect style can be done in different ways. It can involve the thickness, length, texture and style of the clients This is when I give my vision and creativity and puts it into a visual expression.

I usually have full control of my client’s needs, picking the hair that suits their style the best.

What is the workplace of a Hair Extensions Designer like?

It takes me hours sometimes days to prepare and manufacturer a custom design for a client, but only takes me one hour to attach. These strands are manufactured in various sizes, colours and lengths. I usually work very long hours to get the hair ready for my client.

Extensionists must excel in creativity, style, knowledge of raw hair history, business sense, and the ability to perform under pressure and in high stress environments.

I can be creative and make money at the same time, that makes a huge difference in my live.

It is one of the highest Paying Creative Jobs. I have abilities, great people skills, and healthy social relationships with my clients and I only belief in perfectionism, and consistently strive to make woman happy.  I am very artistic and express myself through action rather than words.

This is a career perfectly suited to artistic and creative people, and specially woman who need Independence

Demand is high for good Hair Extension Designers

Competition in the field of Hair Extensions is due to the Hairdressing Industry and their low turnover, and glamour associated with the Hair Extension industry. And there is a huge increase in demand for Hair Extensions and fewer jobs are available, because the Extensionist buy the hair directly in style, color, texture and bonded from Overseas Suppliers, and end up with inferior quality