Hair Extensions

Hair Extension Attachment & Maintenance

At Annie's Hair Extensions, we provide professional attachment of hair extensions by "Fusion", this technique is completely invisible. You are guaranteed the best quality Virgin Hair Extensions.

We produce and manufacture our hair in-house. Our Virgin Hair is imported and produced from single donor woman hair in different colour and double drawn.

Our Virgin Hair Is imported & Produced From Single Donor Woman

Single Woman donor virgin hair

The best quality hair come from Chinese, Vietnamese and Indian ladies. The hair is not chemically treated which makes it thick, healthy and strong.

The quality of the hair extensions will determine whether they will look real, and how long they will last.

Other hair extensionists use local sourced products that claim on the label "100% Human Hair". These hairpieces are woven on strips and are only to be used for hairpieces or wigs.

Our aim is to give woman who had bad experiences with hair extensions a better understanding of how good the extensions can make them feel and look, and that it is actually great value for their money.

All Our Hair Is Pulled By Hand In Double Drawn

Hair extension volume colour enhance 50 strands

"Drawn" is the word used for pulling the hair through an instrument that bring the individual hair together (Hackle). It is also called "hackling".

Single drawn is the 1st hackling of the hair. This process brings the ponytail together. Similar lengths are gathered 6” to 10”; 11” to 14” and so on. Within the bundles the lengths will be varied. This has to do with how people’s hair grown, falls out and replaces itself.

Double drawn is another hackling and a finer separation of the hair. This is much more labour intensive and will just about double the price of the hair, but although we pull hair to double drawn, our prices stay competitive.  Most hair traders do not double drawing of the hair.

Various Textures For Different Types Of Natural Hair

Hair Extension volume & length

When we apply extensions, we match the client’s hair texture.

When the client’s natural hair is:

Straight - We attach straight, wavy or curly

Wavy – We attach curly or wavy

Curly – We attach curly hair

We do not attach straight hair to curly hair, this will cause hair to frizz in wet or damp conditions.

Our Main Attachment Method Is By Fusion

"Fusion" refers to strand by strand and attachment. The adhesive is a non damaging material that is made up of Keratin. Polyethylene is present in bonds, to form a bonding agent.

Be advised that there are some stylists and "professionals" in the hair extension industry that stress that no hair extensions should be left attached to your hair for more than 10 weeks, as this will cause permanent hair loss if left longer.

With our extensions, experience and bonding methods you can retain extensions for 3 to 4 months without losing your hair.

Hair Extension Maintenance

We recommend after 3 to 4 months our hair extension clients come back for full maintenance. Maintenance is required because hair grows at a rate of 1 cm a month which causes hair extensions to slide out.

Maintenance involves removing, re bonding and re attaching the same hair. Hair extension maintenance takes approximately 2 hours. Maintenance cost is determined by amount of strands.

The maintenance process starts with removing the bonded strands with a solvent.  The keratin bonds are dissolved completely.

Removed strands are re bonded with new Keratin bonds. The new bonds ensure a strong bond that will last 3 to 4 months.

Hair extensions are re attached using the "Fusion" method by our expert hair extensionist.