Botched Hair Extensions

Hair extensions when done right, can look amazing and make you feel like a million bucks. When done wrong, looks horrible and can make you feel ugly. Don't learn the hard way, hair extensions should be installed and maintained by a seasoned professional.

If your extensions knots, shed, hurt your scalp and your extensionist tells you stories like, you got the wrong brush, shampoo, or you do something wrong, run, she is uneducated and used to telling lies, just for the sake of making money.

There is no such thing as Keratin or Protein bonds, all is made of the same substance, some adds stain to it, but all is made with polyethylene plastic, it is the way the extensionist attach the hair, If she puts strain on your hair the bond will open, water and chemicals will push the bond open and wet hair swells 4 times it size, then you will find loose hair. If it pulls out with your own hair, then she did not put it in perfectly balanced. If it slides, it's not too bad then she just did not use the right temperature for the connector.

Most hair extensionist's will use photos from other hair extensionists, and usually don't bother to ask the right questions. When the client comes for attachment, they get bewildered and confused. A proper consultation is crucial, specially for women with thin and fragile hair, it pulls most of the hair out if not attached correct

Tape ins is normal double sided tape and will typically take as much as 5 hours to remove the glue from the clients hair. With the tape in removal a lot of natural hair will either get damaged or pulled out.

If you want your hair extensions to look and feel natural then it goes without saying cheap hair extensions and hair extension installers wont cut it. In the end you will get what you pay for.